Wine With Food


Dear Wine Master,

My husband started a new job a few months ago and is getting along very well with his new boss. It was just a matter of time before my husband, the consummate host, invited the boss and his wife over for dinner. I understand that these people know their wines very well and I’m very nervous about selecting a good wine to accompany a trusted scallop dish I plan to serve.

As a matter of fact, I’d like your expert opinion on perhaps two or three appropriate wines so I can offer them a choice.

Please help me!


Dear Dana,

These first meetings are really important, aren’t they? Let’s at least take away one of your worries and reassure you that selection of wines to accompany food is not a black art! There are no conventions that MUST be followed, and, more often than not, it is what you enjoy that is most suitable. Trust your own judgment.

If I were to be a guest at your dinner party I’d enjoy a dry white wine to accompany your scallops. My preference would be for French wine . . . maybe a Muscadet, or a lovely tangy Sancerre from further up the Loire valley. Sancerre is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc grape which produces wines with a lovely balance of fruit and acidity. A third wine choice might be a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand where the fruit can be just that little bit riper.

It could well be worth your while to take a look at to encourage you to be confident in your selection of wines. I am sure that the new boss will enjoy your hospitality to the full.


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