Wine Pouring Etiquette


Dear Wine Master,

Why do you not fill the glass of wine up? What is the right amount of wine to pour into a glass??

Dear Wine Enthusiast,

There has always been a lot of mystery surrounding the world of wine enjoyment: which wines to serve, which glasses to serve them in, what temperatures are correct . . . ! In the end, though, all these conventions are there to be knocked down. The only rules are that you should enjoy the experience.

The convention of filling a wine glass 1/2 – 2/3 to the top is to allow sufficient residual space for all the wonderful aromas from the wine to gather in the glass for your pleasure. Take a look at Tasting Wine to discover some of the ways to get the most from your wine. Other helpful pointers can be found in the ‘Serving Wine’ section of Cork Cuisine.

If you want to fill the wine glass up to the top, then fill it up to the top!!! Just be sure not to spill any of the delicious wine . . . the worst crime of all!


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