Wine Colour vs. Grape Colour


Dear Wine Master,

I have recently been told that the colour of wine was not necessarily the same as that of the grape. Is there any truth in that? How could you possibly turn white grape juice into a ruby liquid?

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

Dear Correspondent,

You have spotted the obvious error in that statement! The colour of a wine is determined by the pigmentation of the grape skins, and the amount of time the juice is then kept in contact with the skins.

From this you will surmise that red/black grapes can produce wines that are red, white or rosé . . . but white grapes can provide only white wines. For those that want to argue, there is always the rather dubious practice of blending mixed colours to make a rosé wine . . . but this is unusual!

To illustrate the widely differing styles of wine that can be produced from the better known varietal grapes it would be worth visiting

Thanks for your enquiry.


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