Sweet Wines


Dear Wine Master,

I like a sweet wine. What would you recommend?



There are so many wonderful quality sweet wines produced around the world that it’s difficult to know where to start. Amongst my personal favourites are the Auslese wines from Germany made from grapes that have been left a little longer on the vine to ripen and increase their sugar concentration . . . but there is always that delicious acidity to balance them to perfection.

However, if sweet wines are your favourite you can’t go wrong with a Sauternes from the Bordeaux region of France. The wines are full and lusciously sweet and of a very high quality. Not only are the grapes left to ripen late on the vine, but the humid climate encourages a benign mould called botrytis to take moisture from the grape, shrivelling it rather like a raisin. Just imagine how wonderfully sweet the resulting wine will be!

I’m not sure of your location, but if you are in the UK keep your eye open for a new site www.ChateauxWines.co.uk which has a Chateau Briatte Sauternes Preignac 1997 for sale on-line.

Enjoy your wine.



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