Modern Wines

In the modern world wine is enjoyed in all corners of the globe. From places such as Australia and South America to France, wine has grown into a popular and much sought after beverage.

Old World Vines

Wine was consumed in Europe on a scale that we would find hard to believe. Before the advent of a safe supply of drinking water, wine was needed as a necessary part of the diet. Wine was so widely accepted because individuals lacked other choices.

As the range of beverages increased, wine had to find ways of retaining its popularity. The ways through which wine was able to keep its position as a favored drink in Europe are varied and differ slightly for various countries. The wine industry has seen many hardships and changes in the past few centuries. Despite these setbacks, the enjoyment of wine has remained popular even in modern times.

Although wine was enjoyed throughout all of western history, it has not always been popular. Wine has grown from being a drink enjoyed by a select few to something that can be appreciated by all.

Areas of Interest in Wine’s Popularity

Ancient Times
Was wine popular in Egypt? What about Ancient Rome? Learn more here.

Discover how Christian monks in the Dark Ages kept the art of wine making alive.

Old World
The evolution of wine’s popularity in the Old World is very interesting to consider.

New World
Follow the progress of colonists and explorers as wine migrated to the shores of the Americas.

Wine in the New World
The New World has also presented obstacles for wine’s development. By the time the first Europeans arrived on the eastern shores of the Americas, wine was already a very popular and beloved drink in Europe. This value carried into the New World, and early settlers attempted to produce their own wine. Due to many different agricultural problems, wine in the New World was not to become widely known until the 19th and 20th centuries. In more recent times, wine cultivation has soared in the New World, helping to make wine accepted and loved throughout the Americas.