Gary Farrell Merlot Calypso Vineyard, Sonoma 1996

Preamble: I get excited when I see a bottle of Gary Farrell

Nose of a fully oaked Merlot, menthol, vanilla, and plum prevail. Medium full-bodied appears more concentrated than Ladis vineyard and Russian River versions. Well balanced tannin, full black fruit in front, chocolate and warm spiciness on back palette. No disappointment here. A very serious Merlot. 88/100. $30.-CG

Leonetti Merlot 1992

Significantly darker than the blend. Fragrant nose, with cocoa, sweet red fruits and the everpresent Leonetti spice thing.
Clove seemed to come out on the palate, with dried cherries, soft tannins and reasonable length. Don’t think this will be getting any better, so drink ‘em if you got ‘em. Always a fun wine to drink. VERY GOOD PLUS