Foxy Wine


Dear Wine Master,

What is meant by ‘foxy’ taste? Is this the same as oxidized?

Dear Maureen,

‘Foxy’ generally describes the nose/smell of a wine rather than the flavour. Most adjectives used to describe smells and flavours in wine are evocative of the writers own experience, but he/she is hoping that we all have shared those experiences. Personally, I have not had the pleasure of smelling tom cats, sweaty saddles or foxes . . . but these are oft used terms to describe the smells of particular styles of wine.

We shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking these to be derogatory terms, because it is unlikely that there is anything amiss with the general health of such a wine. In the end it is all down to personal taste. Interestingly, ‘foxy’ is an adjective often applied to wines produced in Canada. I wonder if Canada is the origin of the wine about which you write, here?

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Happy wine drinking!

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