Food at a Wine Tasting Party


Dear Wine Master,

We are hosting a wine tasting party in a few weeks, your site, Tasting Wine was most helpful—I am more excited about it now! The only thing I would like is a suggestion of what to serve, just cheese and crackers? Hot appetizers? Cold appetizers? I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks again for a great site.

Hello MJ,

Believe it or not we have built a web site that will appeal to anyone who is hosting a wine tasting party . . . now there’s a coincidence!

There are no real rules as far as accompanying food is concerned, and it rather depends on whether you are going to make a ‘night of it,’ as it were!

I think the other defining factor will be just how many wines you are presenting for tasting. In my experience the more wines there are the less easy it is to get stuck into any substantial eating.

I suggest that you take a peep at the ‘When and How’ page at Hosting a Wine Tasting Party for some of our thoughts and ideas on what would go well with the wines.

I hope your party goes wonderfully well.


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