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Dear Wine Master,

We enjoyed a sample of Muscat Canelli at San Antonio Winery in LA. We purchased a bottle. Is this wine always served as a dessert wine? Also, I would like to know the proper place in a meal that dessert wines such as Cream Sherry are served. Is it served with the dessert or after the dessert and coffee are served?

Thank you for your help.


Dear Judy,

As with all things related to wine, there are no hard and fast rules regarding sweet wines, be they Still, Sparkling or Fortified. In the end it has to be your own particular tastes, likes and dislikes which determine what you drink . . . and when!

Quite often guests will enjoy sweet wines ahead of a meal. It’s not unusual to find the sweeter Sherries offered, and some of the delicious Auslese wines from Germany. Demi-Sec Champagnes and sparkling wines are also good pre-prandial drinks.

Needless to say each of these wines will go well with sweet puddings (desserts) as well. Have you ever tried the rich and luscious wine of Sauternes? It goes particularly well with strawberries!

Another wonderful post-dinner drink is the fortified wine of Port in Portugal. Rich ruby red and a lovely velvety texture, these wines are best served with cheese and biscuits . . . and after the meal as well.

Your Muscat will undoubtedly be very tasty. Remember to serve it slightly chilled, but don’t feel constrained to drink it only with desserts.

You might enjoy a browse through Cork Cuisine for some thoughts and ideas on pairing wines with foods.

Enjoy your wines!


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