About Claret


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What exactly is Claret?


Needless to say the Brits are responsible for the introduction of the term ‘claret’ to the wine glossary!

In modern days, claret is used to describe generically any red wine from the Bordeaux region in France. Bordeaux’s reputation dates from the Middle Ages. From 1152 to 1453, along with much of what is now western France, Bordeaux belonged to England. The light red wine then produced was known as ‘clairet’—the origin of the word claret.

Bordeaux red wines led the world in terms of quality after their classification system was introduced in 1855. Finer vintages of the five wines in the top category fetch unbelievably high prices at auction, and are much sought after by collectors of fine wine.

Today the remainder of the wine making world has developed and improved their wine making techniques. No longer is France the sole producer of fine wine. But, there are still many who believe that Claret reigns supreme among the red wines of the world.

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Long live Claret!

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